3/16/2018 Paula Spano This shop truly stands behind their work! Phil went extra mile to follow up on his service, which in my case meant helping arrange a tow, reaching out to the dealership several times, and ensuring that my car was in top working order. It is refreshing to see this level of integrity. If you are looking for a hardworking and honest shop, this is it!
3/9/2018 Roch Lacasse- I've been coming here for over 5 years because I trust them to do whatever is needed to extend the life of my Lexus. I am always able to get an appointment when it is convenient for me. Phil and Mike are always friendly and professional when I come in. I trust them!
3/6/2018 Jared Obregon Mike and the techs are a great team. I really enjoyed the service provided there. The cost not so much lol, but hey, who enjoys have a 2,500 dollar car repair.
3/6/2018 Stanley Ughachukwu All, I recently upgraded to Chevy Tahoe and needed to do the 100,000 miles required maintenance. I was faced with the challenge of finding a reliable Auto shop. I considered John L Sullivan in Roseville, bought they had awful reviews. I was fortunate enough to find this business and all reviews about the business was positive. I called them up and spoke with Steffan, he was very knowledgeable of the business. He emailed me a detailed quote on the cost. I decided to take my vehicle to him and I was very delighted at the out come. He was very helpful, resourceful and polite. I was treated as family, I strongly recommend this business to all. They are much better than the dealerships. They will save you lots....of $$$$$$$without compromising quality. Thank you so....much Steffan/ Team, you guys are awesome and keep the good work.
3/2/2018 Laura Bireley Thanks again. I wouldn't trust my vehicles with anybody else! Rich
3/1/2018 Cal Recycle Cal Recyle Great job on our Chevy Van! It's always a relief to know I can count on your great mechanics and Service writers for my CalRecycle Fleet! Keep up the great work!
2/27/2018 Kristin Hillmer Made in America/Japan is great! Good prompt service at a great price!
2/23/2018 Susan Rainier Highly recommended. Honest, fair and friendly. Technical explanations are given that are very helpful. I trust them.
2/13/2018 Christel Makami Mike is the absolute best! Took my Nissan in and was looking to pay around $3,000 to get it fixed, but after Mike did some research he found that it might fall under warranty and for me to call Nissan's corporate office. Long story short, Nissan is doing a "favor" and giving me an 80% discount. Now Mike could've taken my money and fixed my car but Mike is an honest and trust worthy person. I'm sad that I can't have Made in America Made in Japan fix my car. But any future work that needs to be done, I will definitely be coming back. Thank you again, Christel
2/13/2018 Stacy Knight As always, great service and care for my car. Grateful to have a auto repair shop that I can trust. Thanks Made In America Made In America @ 1200 I Street!
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